New partnership provides personalised treatment options


BC Platforms and Negen partner to provide early risk assessment of common diseases with tools that help to reduce healthcare spending

New partnership provides personalised treatment options

BC Platforms, a specialist in genomic data management and analytics, has signed a cooperation agreement with Negen to use its platform to provide detailed insights into raw genomic data for clinical reporting capabilities.

Both companies work at the front line of genomics data and will provide a premium, integrated solution to healthcare providers and customers globally.

“This partnership will greatly increase the awareness and utility of our genetic risk scoring tools and our automatized genetic data interpretation. We look forward to bringing the benefits to both clinicians and patients,” said Kimmo Aro, CEO of Negen.

Incoming data will be processed by BC Platforms’ high performing genomic data management platform allowing rapid integration to the highly rated genetic risk scoring tools developed by Negen.

The ability to incorporate a patient’s genetic information as a part of the clinical disease risk prediction process will provide clinical practitioners with more confidence in providing accurate treatment recommendations to patients and is expected result in reduced costs for healthcare providers.

“With the increased adoption of precision medicine, we are noticing that more of our customers are demanding the ability to populations based precision medicine initiatives that require access to credible genetic risk scoring tools."

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"This increase in demand is occurring due to technological advancements in handling and processing complex genomic data. We are pleased to partner with Negen to add this downstream capability to our platform,” said Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms.