New scalable analytics platform for industrial IoT applications


Project Scio from Rockwell Automation offers manufacturers new ways to orchestrate and consume industrial data

New scalable analytics platform for industrial IoT applications

As connectivity and computing power continues to spread throughout industrial enterprises, the availability of data has revolutionised how companies solve issues and adapt to changes.

But producers continue to be challenged by the complexity of making data useful at the right place and time. They also lack in-house expertise for data management from the device through the cloud.

Rockwell Automation has a stated goal of enabling advanced analytics for manufacturing. Project Scio is the next step along that continuum.

To make decisions when and where they matter most, a Project Scio platform reduces hurdles to unleashing information.

The platform opens access to ad-hoc analytics and performs advanced analysis by pulling structured and unstructured data from virtually any existing source in the enterprise.

It can also intelligently fuse related data, delivering analytics in intuitive dashboards — called storyboards — that users can share and view.

Users then have the ability to perform self-serve drill downs to make better decisions, dramatically reducing the time to value.

“Providing analytics at all levels of the enterprise — on the edge, on-premises or in the cloud — helps users have the ability to gain insights not possible before,” said John Genovesi, VP of Information Software at Rockwell Automation.

“When users gain the ability to fuse multiple data sources and add machine learning, their systems could become more predictive and intelligent. Scio puts analytics to work for everyone.”

“The scalable and open platform gives users secure, persona-based access to all data sources, structured or unstructured. And a configurable, easy-to-use interface means that all users can become self-serving data scientists to solve problems and drive tangible business outcomes.”

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