Operational cost savings for Perrigo UK

Published: 24-Aug-2015

SP-4C weight checkers replace a manual sampling system

Perrigo UK recently installed three SP-4C tablet and capsule sample weight checkers from specialist weighing equipment manufacturer CI Precision.

The SP-4C weight checkers are used for recording and analysing accurately the weight of samples taken periodically from a production line. The SP-4C has the capability of checking tablets and capsules of a variety of shapes and sizes for complete flexibility. Before the introduction of the SP-4C Perrigo UK used a manual based sampling process.

The SP-4C weight checkers are just one of several specialist weighing equipment and software solutions from CI Precision used at the Braunton manufacturing site. Other products include a SADE SP240 tablet and capsule weight sorter and a dispensary management system (CI-DMS).

Mark Kingdom, Manufacturing Manager at Perrigo UK. states 'Our SADE SP240 weight sorter has made substantial savings for Perrigo and we recovered the initial investment within seven months.'

The SADE SP240 accurately and quickly sorts batches of tablets and capsules by weight into accept and reject categories. It minimises costly waste while increasing income by enabling the use of batches that may otherwise be discarded.

'Our CI-DMS dispensary management system has made significant savings for Perrigo in ensuring quality control and eliminating QC checking,' Kingdom added.

CI-DMS guides operators through the dispensing and formulation process, eliminating the need for counterchecking, and reducing the risk of human error and the possibility of reject batches.

From three UK sites in Barnsley, Braunton and Leeds, Perrigo UK develops, manufactures and distributes OTC and pharmacy drugs throughout the UK and Europe.

For more information on the SP-4C tablet and capsule sample weight checkers, the SADE SP tablet and capsule weight sorters and the CI-DMS dispensary management system, or to discuss a specific application, please telephone +44 1722 424100, or e-mail sales@ciprecision.com.

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