PCI extends UK temperature-controlled capabilities

Introduces dedicated capability at its site in Hay-on-Wye

PCI adds dedicated temperature-controlled capability in the UK

Commercial packaging and clinical trial services specialist Packaging Coordinators, Inc (PCI) has added refrigerated GMP packaging facilities for temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals at its plant in the UK to meet growth in the sector.

PCI is focused on the rapidly changing needs of the clinical trial industry and has introduced a dedicated capability for 2–8°C packaging at its site in Hay-on-Wye.

'The safety of our customers’ product is of utmost importance to us,' said Tim Roberts, Associate Director of Clinical Services. 'By introducing this additional service, we will not only be able to ensure the safety and integrity of our customers’ products, we will also help make significant efficiencies to their packaging lead times of temperature-sensitive material.'

PCI has invested significantly in supporting cold chain logistics for packaging both investigational and commercial medicinal products in a variety of drug delivery forms, including oral solids and parenteral delivery forms such as injectable and transdermal. The company's global network of 14 locations features designated sites with specialist capabilities such as cold chain packaging, in addition to significant on-site cold chain storage at 2–8°C, –20°C, –40°C and –80°C.

PCI also supports controlled-temperature shipments to worldwide investigational sites through its logistics network, which includes the recently announced construction of a new storage and distribution site for investigational medicines in North America, scheduled to open in August.

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