PatSnap launches Playbooks

Playbooks is a cloud-based range of analysis tools to provide IP insight for R&D teams, scenarios include; patent pruning, simulation of a merger, litigation threat, litigation history, patent value and more

PatSnap, the global research and development (R&D) analytics company backed by Sequoia and used by innovative companies to accelerate R&D, announced the launch of Playbooks, a range of scenario-based analytics applications designed to enable researchers to gain actionable intelligence from intellectual property data.

Organisations are no longer content for data patent providers to be mere points of reference, but expect them to be able to generate immediate answers to an array of critical business questions.

R&D teams understand the need to research and analyse data to inform their R&D strategy, however the skills required to achieve these answers are often limited to legal professionals.

PatSnap’s Playbooks will make it possible for those with even no prior knowledge of IP to gain the intelligence and analysis they need at the click of a button.

R&D and legal teams at innovation-focused companies need to know at the early stage of development whether there is IP risk around the projects being worked on, to ensure the organisation’s resources are allocated to projects that have the highest chance of success.

The launch of Playbooks will provide a series of one-step interactive tools to provide market insight and competitive intelligence, to perform a number of situation-specific analyses on R&D data, including the following:

  • patent pruning — maintenance fee forecasting and refining by indicators, specific to company values, to assist in patent renewal or abandonment decisions
  • simulating a merger: perform early IP due diligence on a merger and acquisition, and analyse changes
  • patent value — identify valuable patents and their corresponding monetary value
  • litigation threat — identify litigious companies and the patents being asserted
  • litigation history — find out all of the patent litigation history of a company and their success rate in court
  • territory landscape — generate a strategic interactive map of IP activity surrounding a company’s portfolio, giving a strategic overview on activities of existing competitors, new entrants and unforeseen areas of innovation
  • technology lifecycle analysis — using patenting trends and international patent classifications (IPCs) to understand whether a technology is emerging, in the growth stage, or reaching maturity and make strategic R&D investment and commercialisation decisions based on market potential
  • licensee locator — highlight which patents have the most licensing potential, analyse the potential royalties and global market opportunities and identify a shortlist of potential licensees for any technology in an organisation’s portfolio

    PatSnap has brought together the world’s most comprehensive R&D dataset. By adding IP data, licensing and litigation data, economic data, patent valuation, image and chemical formula search and trademark recognition, PatSnap provides the world’s most innovative organisations with a new, intuitive source of information for use during research.

    Dr Ali Hussein, Product Leader at PatSnap UK, said: “Each Playbook automates an existing process that R&D and legal teams are already spending extensive amounts of time and money into achieving.

    “Playbooks will vastly reduce the time, resources and legal knowledge needed to inform their R&D decisions and empower the innovators to access the analysis they need. We look forward to working closely with our customers to ensure that by using PatSnap, they can spend less time researching and more time developing and commercialising their innovations.”