Pump Solutions Group buys Quattroflow Fluid System


Strengthens PSG product portfolio

Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group (PSG) has acquired German firm Quattroflow Fluid System for an undisclosed sum.

Quattroflow’s positive displacement pumps incorporate a four piston-diaphragm technology with no mechanical seals that is driven by an eccentric shaft and motor. The products primarily serve the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, which require high containment, purity and cleanability. The firm’s pump technology can be found in multiple- or single-use applications such as cross-flow systems, chromatography devices and centrifuges.

The Quattroflow products are said to transfer shear sensitive media of aqueous solutions and biological products such as blood by-products to vaccines without damage, ultimately ensuring product safety, efficiency and reliability.

Dean Douglas, president of Dover’s Pump Solutions Group, said the Quattroflow products will strengthen PSG’s product portfolio and add greater technological depth to the firm’s core markets of pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

‘Quattroflow’s innovative technology will complement PSG’s hygienic product portfolio, ultimately providing our customers with the best solution and total cost of ownership for any particular application within the markets we serve,’ he said.

The Quattroflow products join a portfolio of premium pump technologies that includes the global brands Almatec, Blackmer, EnviroGear, Griswold, Mouvex, Neptune, RedScrew and Wilden.