Purite enhances purification with Xylem Lowara high efficiency pumps


Will add Lowara products to Elite MediQA RO and Elite Plus RO purification units

Purite, based in Thame, Oxfordshire in the UK, is to enhance its reputation as a provider of high-performance water purification systems by adopting Lowara high-efficiency pumps.

Lowara is an established name in the industrial sector and a leader in the European pump market. As a part of Xylem, a water technology specialist, Lowara UK is a division of one of the world’s largest producers of pumps and complementary products for water and industrial fluid applications.

Darren Haydon, OEM business manager at Lowara UK, says the partnership will be of benefit to both companies, and will result in a better service for users of pure-water distribution systems.

‘Lowara is pleased to supply and support Purite with high-efficiency pumps,’ said Haydon. ‘We are proud to be associated with Purite and we feel that the partnership will continue to strengthen Purite’s reputation as a supplier of high quality, easy-to-use, low maintenance water purification systems.’

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At the vanguard of Purite’s range are the Elite MediQA RO and the Elite Plus RO water purification units.