Quick and easy colour measurements


Tintometer colour comparators and meters from Cole-Parmer make fast comparisons between a range of standards and samples

Colour comparators and meters from Cole-Parmer measure colour transmittance of optically clear samples such as water, beverages, syrups, waxes, petroleum oils, chemicals and more.

Tintometer Comparator 2000 Systems are an economical choice. Durable and portable, simply place a sample in the vial and compare the transmittance with glass colour standards. A battery-operated illuminator adds flexibility for laboratory, plant, or field colour grading. With a two-section field of view, the sample transmittance is directly compared with individual coloured glass standards on a test disk.

Short path-length colour meters and long path-length colour meters are spectrophotometric meters that provide accurate, reliable colour data from optically clear samples. The meter automatically measures colour transmittance and displays results directly in industry colour scales, CIE values and as spectral data.

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The short path-length meters work well with slightly coloured solutions, such as wastewater, syrups, honey, dark oils and beers, while the long path-length meters are ideal for very pale solutions such as drinking water, edible oils, fats and chemicals.