QuintilesIMS and Teva UK win award for harmonised data analytics

Published: 16-May-2017

This BHBIA “Excellence in Business Analytics” award also includes recognition of the advanced marketing insight programme

QuintilesIMS UK and Teva UK have won the Best of Business Intelligence (BOBI) Award for Excellence in Business Analytics.

QuintilesIMS is an integrated information and technology-enabled healthcare service provider, while Teva UK is a global pharmaceutical company specialising in medicines within central nervous system, respiratory, pain, oncology, women's health and urology therapy areas.

The awarded was for the pair's project to design and deploy a first-in-class automated, standard data delivery platform.

Teva UK

Teva UK had undergone a significant change in the delivery of key insights following their move to Qlikview business intelligence software in 2014.

This move enabled a far more automated approach, however, one difficulty was the retrieval of monthly and weekly QuintilesIMS data and moulding it into the shape required for this new reporting solution.

The organisation was also looking for a more automated integration of UK and sub-national data into a central warehouse, as well a the ability to facilitate consolidated reporting and analytical needs across the organisation.

In addition, Teva UK was looking to eliminate the need to check for inconsistencies and extra data quality checks during the process.


QuintilesIMS provided a piece of technology as a personalised, integrated solution to this problem: the MDM Sales Integrator.

This tool enabled the automation of the process, the delivery of files in Qlikview format to the Teva UK servers, additional validation checks and manipulation of data formatted into a personalised style for the organisation.

The effect

Christian Griffin, Director, Commercial Excellence, Teva UK, said: “This programme has allowed us to achieve greater efficiency savings and deliver stronger reporting, data analytics and valuable market insights.”

“The way in which the Commercial Excellence team digest QuintilesIMS data has changed significantly. The team now has access to the most up-to-date data through the new tool.”

Tim Sheppard, General Manager, QuintilesIMS UK and Ireland, commented: “Teva UK’s Senior Management can now have their reports earlier than previously with the confidence that quality checks have been applied and KPIs can be understood quickly at a few clicks of a button.”

“The reporting backbone that has been created means the Commercial Excellence team can now utilise the same view of the data rather than independently creating their own visualisation of their specific markets.”

The BOBI judging panel said: “A complex business need was brought to life in this submission – and the entry demonstrated effective resolution through complex analytics and data automation, to reduce workload and increase coherence.”


The awards were run by the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA) and took place at the Royal Garden Hotel.

It is the first and only healthcare-specific business intelligence scheme in the UK, giving professionals the opportunity to gain peer recognition for excellence in business intelligence, market research and sales research and analytics.

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