Rohnerchem and evocatal form biocatalytic processes partnership

Published: 3-Feb-2012

With the aim of offering new routes to enantiomerically pure products

Swiss CMO RohnerChem has expanded its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) process development capabilities through a partnership with evocatal, a German provider of enzyme technology and biocatalytical processes.

The two firms are combining their services to offer a seamless solution for the development of high-performance biocatalytic processes and their rapid application in the synthesis of fine chemicals and APIs.

RohmerChem said the aim is to offer innovative routes to enantiomerically pure products, to find the most cost-effective process for a product from the start and to reduce the time it takes to bring that product to market.

The preferred but non-exclusive partnership will allow customers to benefit from the synergy of evocatal’s premium services in development and supply of tailored enzymes and RohnerChem`s process development and upscaling capabilities.

The evocatal enzymes include a variety of ketoreductases, c-c-coupling enzymes, esterases, transaminases, hydroxynitrile lyases and others. For enantiomerically pure products for which the process is not yet available, evocatal says it can quickly develop and produce tailored enzymes which will be applied in RohnerChem`s pilot plant and production equipment.

‘The technologies and capabilities of evocatal and RohnerChem match excellently,’ said Dr Michael Puls, managing director of evocatal.

‘By combining the chemical technologies and scale-up abilities of RohnerChem with the high efficiency of our biocatalysis platforms we can provide the most comprehensive services and create great value for our customers.’

Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

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