Evocatal releases C-C Coupling Kit

Published: 30-Nov-2011

Offers enzymatic production of enantiopure 2-hydroxy-ketones

The C-C Coupling Kit from biotechnology specialist Evocatal takes advantage of the biocatalytic potential of Thiamine pyrophosphate-dependent (TPP) enzymes to produce enantiopure 2-hydroxy-ketones. The kit includes seven different TPP-enzymes together with the relevant cofactor.

According to the Düsseldorf, Germany based firm, the kit provides the ability to identify the most effective biocatalysts for their specific applications. Additionally, the firm offers in-house enzyme screening services.

‘In the past, customers have often approached us looking for ways to synthesise chiral 2-hydroxy-ketones,’ says Michael Puls, md of Evocatal.

‘With the new TPP-enzyme platform, our company has thrown open the door to a whole range of enantiopure compounds. We’re happy that we’re now able to respond to this interest by offering the C-C Coupling Kit, which gives our clients the ability to test TPP-enzymes in their own facilities.’

Evocatal says biocatalysis is probably the most efficient approach in the large-scale production of chiral compounds. Enzymatic processes have many advantages over conventional chemical methods, including high efficiency, high stereoselectivity and substrate affinity for both naturally occurring and artificial substrates.

Enzymes can also be tailored to individual processes, providing researchers or manufacturers with additional options when developing pharmaceuticals.

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