Rotary spray heads win EHEDG approval

Published: 11-Aug-2010

Used in closed tanks employing CIP procedures

Two Alfa Laval rotary spray head tank cleaning machines have become the first in the world to receive EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group) certification.

The SaniMidget SB and SaniMidget Ultra Pure, both rotary spray head (RSH) machines for cleaning tanks and vessels within hygienic industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food, join Alfa Laval’s SaniJet rotary jet head tank cleaning machines which achieved EHEDG certification in 2004.

The SaniMidget SB series is for use in closed tanks, vessels and containers employing typical CIP procedures. They clean tanks up to 10m3 in capacity with a single machine. For larger vessels, multiple heads can be grouped together.

Motive force provided by the cleaning fluid causes the head of the Toftejorg SaniMidget to rotate and send fan jets in a swirling pattern throughout the vessel. It is the combination of fluid impact and cascading flow that ensures all of the internal surfaces of the tank are cleaned.

The SaniMidget SB also has a self-cleaning feature whereby the cleaning media flows through the rotating bearing track and onto the neck of the elongated head.

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