SGS Exprimo launches platform to provide modelling and simulation solutions for clinical trials


SGS has announced the launch of Simulo, an in-silico modelling and simulation platform that facilitates complex clinical trial simulation to predict the expected results of prospective trials while optimising study design to increase the probability of a successful efficacy and safety outcome

Simulo offers a modern software solution that implements pharmacokinetic (PK), pharmacodynamic (PD) and disease progression models, run in an accessible, user friendly, interface.

This simulation tool has been developed to explore the time course of drug exposure, biomarker response and outcome – therapeutic and adverse – observed in clinical studies, in both the individual subject and at population level.

Two versions of Simulo are available. The “Standard” version of the software is free of charge and easy to use; operators have the option of learning its features by taking part in a 1 or 2 day training programme.

The Simulo “Expert” version comes with a scientific support package, to enable scientists to get all the benefits of collaborating with SGS Exprimo specialists when performing advanced clinical trial simulations.

“Simulation of clinical trial outcomes has always been cumbersome to conduct in a scientifically adequate way, requiring the writing of extensive computer programming code to account for the various levels of uncertainty. These include adaptive dosing schedules, heterogeneous study populations and patient dropout due to adverse events,” commented Daniel Röshammar, SGS Exprimo Scientific Director.

“By sharing this software with our clients, we can help them to more easily reach the full potential of simulation techniques, resulting in more innovative and successful clinical trial designs, and may offer a strong research advantage.”

“As health authorities continue to recommend modelling and simulation tools, Simulo has the potential to revolutionise the field of clinical trial simulation, making the research and development process faster and safer,” added Jean-Luc Marsat, SGS Clinical Research Managing Director.

“This service is a powerful tool that SGS can offer its clients to support their decision making processes, saving them time and money on their trials.”Sign up for your free email newsletter

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