Safety - the first among equals

Tamper-evident and child-resistant packaging is vital to ensure the safety and integrity of pharmaceuticals, but these are not the only considerations, according to Alan Bearne, sales manager, healthcare at RPC Market Rasen. Convenience is also a crucial concern: if a container is awkward to open, particularly by the elderly or those lacking in manual dexterity, they may well turn to an alternative product packaged in a different way.

There is also the risk that the importance of a pack's appearance could be underestimated. RPC considers convenience and aesthetic appeal in tandem with safety, and believes that a senior-friendly pack, such as the company's Easitop range, can help to project important product differentiation.

'As RPC sites specialise in different disciplines, the company is able to provide a dedicated portfolio of caps, closures and containers, all developed and produced by experts in their relevant fields,' says Bearne. 'This offers customers the flexibility to adapt the bottle to meet different market requirements while maintaining the convenience of a single source supply.'