Shimadzu synthesises standards for COVID-19 drug assays

Alsachim has developed all the stable isotope labelled standards for COVID-19 research

Alsachim, a Shimadzu Group company, expert in the development of stable isotope labelled compounds, and one of the world leaders in TDM standards organic synthesis, has synthesized the internal standards necessary for the assay of the drugs tested against COVID-19. Since the beginning of the year, Alsachim is supporting healthcare sectors to respond the acceleration of clinical trials conducted to find a COVID-19 treatment, supporting studies of new potential drugs to defeat the coronavirus. 

In order to come up with the most efficient drugs to treat patients infected by this fast spreading virus it is essential to quickly set up dosage methods. These determine the optimal doses of these experimental drug treatments and the minimum level of efficacy, to avoid overdosage which causes undesirable side effects and toxicity, but also to avoid accidents due to self-medication.

Alsachim has developed all the stable isotope labelled standards for your COVID-19 research such as Lopinavir, [2H6]-Lopinavir, [2H8]-Lopinavir, Ritonavir, [13C,2H3]-Ritonavir, Remdesivir, [2H4]-Remdesivir, [U-Ring-13C6]-Remdesivir (C8845), GS 441524 / Remdesivir triphosphate (Remdesivir metabolite), GS 441524 / Remdesivir active metabolite, Chloroquine, [2H5]-Chloroquine, EIDD2801 (Opaganib), [13C6]-EIDD1931 (13C6 Opaganib), Favipiravir, [13C 2H 15N]-Favipiravir, Azithromicin, [13C 2H3]-Azithromicin, Hydroxychloroquine, [2H5]-Hydroxychloroquine, Desethylchloroquine, [2H5]-Desethylchloroquine, [13C,2H3]-Oseltamivir acid, [13C6]-Nafamostat mesylate, Nafamostat mesylate.

All compounds are delivered with a complete Certificate of Analysis, which includes full chemical purity determined by HPLC, LCMS and NMR. Please contact your local Shimadzu specialist for details.

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