Simple and reliable water purification


Integra HP produces up to 190 litres/hr of lab grade water

Integra HP water purification unit

Integra HP water purification unit

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Purite, a UK-based water purification equipment manufacturer, has introduced a high performance centralised system, developed for laboratory and healthcare applications.

The Integra HP joins Purite’s range of modular, stand-alone water purification units and produces up to 190L/hr of laboratory grade water to a purity better than 1.0MΩ.cm, making it suitable for larger laboratory and clinical analysis departments.

The self-contained system requires just power and water supplies before it can be used.

The complete Integra HP package incorporates 5µ carbon pre-treatment filtration, advanced high flow/low energy reverse osmosis membranes, carbon dioxide degassing, regenerable deionisation cylinder, bactericidal UV irradiation, plus the option of microfiltration, down to 0.2µ.

The system incorporates a 50-litre purified water storage tank, feedwater boost pump, variable speed recirculation pump, and a Cat 5 compliant feedwater break tank. An internal by-pass has also been incorporated in the unit’s design to ensure continuity of service in an emergency.

A front panel-mounted colour LCD touch screen controls the Integra HP, making set-up and operation quick and easy without requiring specialist knowledge, says the Thame, Oxfordshire-based firm. In addition, the control system provides comprehensive system alarm monitoring, diagnostics and data storage capabilities.

Similarly, low energy reverse osmosis membranes, combined with a variable speed recirculation pump, help to minimise power consumption, especially during periods of low demand. All consumables give a long operating life and are easy to change, minimising downtime.

The Integra HP can be supplied for make-up volumes of 60, 120 or 190L/hr. It has a small footprint of 890 x 500 x 840mm, and is supported by Purite’s global network of sales and distribution partners.