Sound combination for superior miniaturised assay preparation


Titian integrates its sample management software with Labcyte automation and Echo liquid handlers

Sample management software provider Titian Software and Labcyte have integrated the Mosaic sample management suite with two Labcyte automation systems (the Access workstation and POD automation platform) incorporating the Echo liquid handler.

The companies say that this combination of Mosaic’s powerful software and flexible integration modules, coupled with the Echo system’s low volume acoustic liquid handling, enables fast, accurate, cost effective and fully traceable automated workflows for high-quality assay development and miniaturisation.

Edmund Wilson, CEO of Titian, said: “We have been working in close collaboration with the team at Labcyte to integrate the Mosaic web-based sample ordering facilities to the Access workstation.

“One of the key objectives was to give users the convenience of requesting low volume assay-ready plates, with these being prepared automatically with very high precision.”

Mosaic manages and tracks sample libraries offering improved sample preservation and viability. Users can select individual substances, plates or substance sets for assay. It allows assay plate formats to be defined and easily managed and requests can also be configured as templates to precisely and repeatedly match the requirements of particular assays. This means that order workflow is managed, ensuring that the correct items are brought to Labcyte systems to begin assay-ready plate preparation.

One of the key objectives was to give users the convenience of requesting low volume assay-ready plates, with these being prepared automatically with very high precision

Labcyte automation systems incorporate Echo liquid handlers into small- and large- scale systems for walk-away sample processing. Since the Echo liquid handler does not require the use of pipette tips, pin tools or nozzles it provides unsurpassed precision and accuracy. With a range of device options and accessories, Labcyte automation systems adapt to the ever-changing needs of assays in drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, and more.

Titian provides a driver module that transfers instruction files to the Labcyte Tempo automation control software – an intuitive platform to develop protocols for the Access and POD systems. At the end of each acoustic transfer, the resulting changes in the inventory (including acoustic surveys of source well contents) are reflected in Mosaic, using the results data generated on the Labcyte systems, without operator interaction.

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Labcyte Tempo software manages all tasks including system setup as well as all plate and liquid handling activities. After plate loading and sample transfer, the assay ready plates are sealed or lidded and stacked ready for delivery. In addition to low volume plate replication and hit picking, the ability of the Echo system to transfer samples in as little as 2.5 nL permits a direct dilution of samples for dose-response assays; eliminating the cross-contamination and error propagation seen with traditional serial dilution methods.