Still got budget left?


Take a look at the Biopharma Process Systems limited special offers

Still got budget left?

Package deals on benchtop products

Offer 1 – Avestin C3 High Pressure Homogeniser:

Includes one free cooling coil or one LiposoFast Basic (LF-1) Liposome Extruder with the purchase of an Avestin C3.

Offer 2 – Benchtop Freeze Dryers:

Benchtop Freeze Dryers Starting from £6750. Inclusive of manifold, shipping (UK and Ireland) and two wide mouth flask assemblies.

Offer 3 – Volumetric Powder Fillers:

10% off all Benchtop Volumetric Powder Filler Packages. Includes one semi automated system, stainless steel filling gun and shipping within UK/ Ireland and one Product Trough Assembly.

AdVantage Pro Unique Offering

Save up to £1000 with our AdVantage Freeze Dryer Package Offer.

Inlaced in the offer

  1. Internationally recognised freeze drying course or
  2. Formulation thermal analysis

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