Tamperproof seal ensures safe journey for pharmaceuticals


Transparent-hologram-seal from Schreiner MediPharm reveals tampering attempts and counterfeiting

The transparent-hologram-seal from Schreiner MediPharm reveals tampering attempts and counterfeiting, and ensures that patients receive their pharma products intact. It is also an economic solution for small orders.

Pharmaceuticals sold in the EU should be protected by security seals with integrated counterfeit-protection features, according to proposals by the EU Commission and the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (EFPIA).

In collaboration with Schreiner ProSecure, Schreiner MediPharm has developed a transparent holographic seal that provides reliable evidence of tampering and counterfeiting attempts by a void effect that is triggered when the box is opened for the first time. The seal is equipped with a heavy-duty adhesive. An attempt to peel it off will damage the surface of the packaging. In addition, the seal features a 2D single-image design and dynamic kinematic effects that make counterfeiting more difficult.

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The transparency of the seal allows variable data such as batch information to remain legible.