Tealium launches data platform to automate customer experience


The customer data platform (CDP) provider has launched its solution for the pharmaceutical industry

Tealium, the customer data platform (CDP) provider, has launched its industry-first Tealium for Pharma solution. This verticalised platform is specifically designed to fully automate an improved customer experience for Pharma audiences while accounting for the industry's ever-evolving privacy and security regulations.

Due to the vast amount of customer touch points with Pharma companies, data analysis and privacy compliance are often managed in fragmented silos. Tealium for Pharma's data-first offering integrates and automates data, enhancing each of those touch points across every channel in real-time while meeting the highest standards of HIPAA compliance.

Tealium for Pharma solves adoption, adherence, prescription rate, customer satisfaction and revenue growth needs.

In today's challenging economic environment, Tealium for Pharma solves the complex needs of the industry, like adoption, adherence, managing prescription rates, maintaining customer satisfaction and driving revenue growth.

"Tealium for Pharma answers our customers' demand for a better connection to their vast array of audiences, spanning healthcare providers, patients and more," said TK Kristiansen, Northeast Personalization Data & Analytics Lead at Accenture Interactive. "This curated collection of real-time integrations with healthcare provider (HCP) engagement tools and cloud storage providers, like Doceree, Veeva, and DMD, will improve digital experiences with compliant, personalized delivery of healthcare communications. Tealium's focused approach to the pharmaceutical industry will increase marketing success for some of the world's largest brands by connecting the online and offline HCP journey."

Tealium for Pharma is offered with built-in integrations to universally-adopted Pharma vendors including Veeva, Doceree and DMD. These integrations open the door for Pharma companies to automate data flows in real-time (nanoseconds), increasing access to better insights into healthcare professionals and patient behaviour. These integrations also customise the audiences' experiences in real-time, resulting in more relevant interactions and strengthened customer trust.

"The time for Pharma industry leaders to embrace a data-first mentality is now," said Jay Calavas, Head of Vertical Products at Tealium. "The Pharma sector requires a very unique strategy, especially when navigating one of the most dynamic environments in recent history. We're proud to pioneer the first Pharma-focused customer data solution and help accelerate innovation in this extremely vital industry."

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Tealium was the first CDP to launch a HIPAA-compliant tool for the healthcare sector.