Teknomek adds two new products to specialist cupboard range

The company has added new models to the specialist cupboard range that launched in 2019

The garment cupboard and janitorial storage cupboards are supplied fully welded using 304-grade stainless steel and incorporate design features that support hygiene procedures in pharmaceutical facilities.

Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek, said: “We launched this range as specialist furniture that is designed to reduce risk of contamination while fulfilling particular use case scenarios.

“For instance, it might not sound revolutionary to add storage for smaller items alongside bulkier kit in the same cupboard, or lockable internal storage for hazardous materials. However, it eliminates the need to have separate units that take extra space and need to cleaned separately. It’s the smallest considerations that can make a big difference. Our new units build on this ethos.”

The new cupboards continue to feature the highly considered design factors that now come as standard across the range. These include:

  • Sloping tops to prevent dust settling
  • Reduced ‘dirt traps’, featuring a flat base with straight edges on three sides
  • Ergonomic, easy to clean ground clearance of 300mm to improve full accessibility

The garment cupboard offers a choice of full or half hanging rail for coats. The janitorial storage cupboard comes pre-fitted with three shelves taking up one half of the unit, the shelving itself is slightly tilted with drainage holes to prevent liquids pooling. The other side offers safe storage of cleaning equipment.

Sue Springett concluded: “We aim to reduce the total cost of ownership from the moment an order is placed as the units are supplied fully welded and ready to use. Once in place, they are easy to clean and eliminating harbourage points reduces risk too. We recognise the growing trend towards modular working spaces so we’re are making our products as configurable as possible with shelves being an optional specification.

“There is no room for compromise on hygiene in any way within a facility. We are continually looking at the gaps in the provision for our clients and will add further specialist models as the need arises.”

For more information, visit the specialist cupboards section of the Teknomek website or call the customer services team on 01603 788833. Bespoke sizes and/or 316 grade stainless steel are available on request.