Telstar completes two new plants for Square Pharmaceuticals

Published: 14-Sep-2015

Company uses modelling and scheduling software to manage and enhance the facility construction projects

Two complete pharmaceutical plants for the production of oral and parenteral products have been completed for Square Pharmaceuticals, the largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in Bangladesh.

This is the largest global project developed by Telstar in Asia and the company has been in charge of performing the engineering, project management, administration and provision of process equipment for both plants.

For the first project, the company managed and executed the construction of an oral solid dosage plant. The four storey, 32,000m2 facility comprises seven fluidised bed granulation lines, 11 tablet lines, four capsules lines, 16 primary and secondary packaging lines and a second service building of 1000m2. The second project consists of a 20,000m2 building to produce parenterals in small and large volume formats.

Telstar relied on the support of a local Bangladeshi workforce of more than 100 professionals to development and construct both plants. And thanks to a well-planned programme, all phases of the project — from the design and engineering to the supply of materials, the construction, the installation of services and the final commissioning of the plants — have been completed on time.

To develop both facilities, Telstar used the building information software, Revit, to control the entire lifecycle of the buildings and their installations. This software is part of Telstar's BIM (Building Information Modelling) engineering services.

The implementation of BIM (Revit) and Schedule Pro — a programming tool for resource allocation and management — in the engineering phase has resulted in an average saving of 20% in time and costs by pre-empting hitherto unforeseen issues in the construction process of the plants.

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