TraceLink expands team appointing VP of Engineering and CTO


TraceLink, the World’s largest track and trace network for connecting the life sciences supply chain and providing real-time information sharing for better patient outcomes, announced two key new senior leadership appointments: John Hogan hired as Senior VP of engineering and Bob Sturim promoted as Chief Technology Officer.

Both senior leaders will assist in guiding TraceLink’s high-level strategy and technology operations as the company delivers on its 2018 goals to continue its global growth and market leadership in serialisation compliance and advance its information sharing network platform, by delivering new network value applications for its customers.

“With our unique architecture, vast network of 265,000 trading partners and billions of serialised data already flowing through our life sciences cloud, we are effectively building the digital supply chain for life sciences and transforming the future of medicine with real-time information sharing.

As we rapidly expand the information-sharing capabilities of our network platform, we have added two new senior leaders to the TraceLink executive team who will play critical roles as we evolve our business,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO of TraceLink.

“I am thrilled to welcome John to TraceLink to lead the entire global engineering team in continuing to develop and deliver our proven, industry-leading, legacy compliance solution. And, I am pleased to announce Bob as our new Chief Technology Officer, where he will focus on the expansion of the TraceLink system architecture as an extensible network platform, incorporating reporting, business intelligence, visualisation, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence into innovative new applications that drive more network value.”

Joining TraceLink as the new Senior VP of engineering, John Hogan will be responsible for managing the engineering development organisation to drive the execution and delivery of product releases and software updates, while ensuring seamless collaboration with the company’s strategy to deliver an extensible value network platform.

With 25 years in global software development, Hogan has held executive positions in software engineering at startups, early-stage and late-stage companies, building product, customer success and support teams at Informix, Plumtree Software, Unica Corporation, Oracle and IBM.

Prior to TraceLink, Hogan was VP of engineering at Boston-based cybersecurity startup Barkly, where he was responsible for product development and building out the company’s unique approach to endpoint protection.

Prior to Barkly, he served as VP of Engineering and Director, EMM Products and Operations at both Unica and IBM, where he was responsible for product strategy, development and hosting operations for both SaaS and traditional product lines.

“TraceLink’s technology will truly enable a transformation in the industry and I am excited to come onboard during a pivotal time of growth and innovation. In leading the engineering development team, my mission is to help foster an environment where engineers can collaborate in building great products, thrive in their careers and continually evolve practices that drive quality and agility,” said Hogan.

Formerly VP of engineering at TraceLink, Bob Sturim has led the TraceLink engineering team since 2012, spearheading the product design, implementation, and testing of the TraceLink life sciences cloud to ensure the seamless processing and tracking of billions of serialized pharmaceutical products across the supply chain.

In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Sturim will deliver on the strategic long-term vision of the company by further expanding the network foundation into an extensible value platform to enable an information sharing network with value-added applications.

“In my tenure at TraceLink, I am constantly motivated by the company’s ability to not only innovate, but also consistently execute on its vision and strategy to deliver high value and critical products to its customers.”

“I am delighted to be moving into the Chief Technology Officer position, which will allow me to focus on leading the company’s strategy to develop a next-generation extensible platform and ensure that our customers have a fully aligned and seamless experience to not only meet compliance requirements, but grow their businesses using the TraceLink network,” said Sturim.

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