UCB reports 7% increase in sales for 2014


Three drugs now account for 50% of net sales

UCB reported a 7% increase in sales to €3.3bn in 2014.

The Belgian company saw continued growth with anti-inflammatory Cimzia, epilepsy drug Vimpat and the Neupro patch for Parkinson's and restless legs syndrome, which now account for 50% of net sales at €1.5bn.

Turnover for anti-epileptic drug Keppra fell 7% to €655m.

Chief Executive Jean-Christophe Tellier said the company was preparing to launch its next wave of potential new patient solutions: brivaracetam, epratuzumab and romosozumab and was excited about the progress in its early pipeline.

Other revenue in 2014 increased to €243m, mainly due to the payments from partners, Sanofi and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Gross profit rose to €2.3bn (+6%), while recurring EBITDA was up 14% to €609m.

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Looking forward, UCB expects the continued growth of Cimzia, Vimpat and Neupro to drive overall company growth. 2015 revenue should reach approximately €3.55–€3.65bn, while recurring EBITDA should increase to €710–€740m.