Uniqsis appoints new commercial director


Paul Pergande takes responsibility for worldwide sales and marketing

Uniqsis, a UK-based continuous flow reactor manufacturer, has appointed Paul Pergande as commercial director.

Pergande will be responsible for worldwide sales, marketing, after sales service and technical support of the FlowSyn continuous flow reactor system.

Grant Instruments (Cambridge) is the developer of the FlowSyn and now manufactures it on behalf of Uniqsis. Pergande joins Uniqsis from Grant Instruments where he was technologies director, heading the FlowSyn development team.

‘In my new role I will be setting up distribution channels, engaging directly with European customers, raising funding and implementing business plans for the FlowSyn technology,’ he said.

‘Uniqsis grew by about 50% last year. This year we are looking to almost double turnover and we are developing a business plan which involves moving Samantha Dunnage, Uniqsis’ chief operating officer over to the US, which is the biggest market in the world for flow chemistry, taking a 40% share,’ he said.

Dunnage will focus her attention on increasing sales and customer service of the FlowSyn systems in the US market. She will manage the development of business opportunities in the US by moving to Boston, Massachusetts.

‘My presence on the east coast of the US is already helping to boost market awareness of Uniqsis within the US Pharma and Biotech research communities,’ she said.