How to improve the reproducibility of your flow chemistry

Published: 10-Aug-2023

In a bid to improve the reproducibility of its client's flow chemistry, Uniqsis has expanded its range of Glass Static Mixer

Uniqsis has expanded its range of Glass Static Mixer (GSM) in order to improve the reproducibility of its customer's flow chemistry. 

To enhance the reproducibility of flow chemistry scale-up - precise control of mixing and temperature in highly exothermic or rapid reactions in particular is essential.

The expanding range of GSM chip reactor blocks from Uniqsis produce an efficient, turbulent mixed reagent stream for flow chemistry reactions that is not diffusion dependent. 

Available in sizes from 270µl to 20 ml, the Uniqsis range of high-quality GSM chips can be used to perform reactions from -80°C to over 150°C. GSM chips up to 2 ml can be operated up to 40-bar and are available in 2-channel or 3-channel inlet configurations.

Larger GSM chips of 10ml and 20 ml have a premixing channel followed by a residence domain and can operate up to 10-bar. Glass Static Mixer chips can be used as mixing modules prior to a coil reactor residence time unit, or as reactor blocks for rapid exothermic reactions. 

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