Unmatched mixing performance


New rotary jet mixer reduces time, energy and costs

The Rotary Jet Mixer handles liquid and powder mixing

The Rotary Jet Mixer handles liquid and powder mixing

Alfa Laval's new rotary jet mixer for use in the pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, among others, handles liquid and powder mixing, gas dispersion and Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) while reducing time, energy and costs.

The mixer is said to provide faster and more efficient mixing than conventional methods by combining high blending precision with minimised mixing times and up to 50% reduction in energy requirements. Based on rotary jet head technology, it can be used in tanks between 100 and 800,000 litres in size.

Equipped with two or four nozzles, the rotary jet mixer is positioned below liquid level in the tank. Liquid is withdrawn from the tank outlet by a pump and circulated via an external loop to the mixer. It helps reduce operating costs while achieving fast and efficient mixing, the company said.

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A single rotary jet mixer can handle liquid mixing, gas dispersion and powder dispersion applications – plus tank cleaning – without requiring separate equipment for each process, thereby delivering significant savings.