Videojet launches 1880 continuous inkjet printer

Operator errors are often a leading cause of downtime, scrap, or rework, Videojet says

Videojet Technologies has launched the Videojet 1880 CIJ printer. Its designed to prevent manufacturing downtime using advanced digitally-enabled technology.

The printer features the ‘Maximize’ diagnostics platform to monitor printer health and performance patterns and helps operators identify if a fault is likely to occur. Advance alerts prevent expensive downtime.

If an issue does occur, the machine’s Remote Service functionality provides operators with real-time notifications and instant visibility to printer data. Rapid Recover, included standard as part of this service, uses automated troubleshooting to quickly diagnose a fault and recommend action to either repair or swap with a spare. Simple onboard ‘how-to’ videos provide operator instruction for basic tasks while Videojet CIJ experts are available on-demand for immediate remote assistance. Customer-granted remote access can allow a Videojet technician to remotely adjust configuration settings so you don’t have to wait for a service visit.

“For many of our customers an hour of production loss is an hour too many. With the Videojet 1880 Continuous Inkjet printer we not only want to provide best in class reliability and uptime but also deliver a suite of built-in diagnostics, remote service and recovery tools. We expect these to give our customers and Videojet the ability to see, understand and take action from anywhere at any time,” said Mithun Ramachandran, CIJ Business Unit Director at Videojet.

Operator errors are often a leading cause of downtime, scrap, or rework. The Videojet 1880 helps to ensure the correct code is applied by preventing human errors with a suite of code management and line integration capabilities.

Designed to minimise operator interruptions, the 1880 features longer fluid changeover intervals, fewer printhead cleanings, and minimal preventative maintenance so your operators can stay focused on production. It can be used for extended intervals between printhead cleanings with start-stop sequence. Only five minutes of user-performed annual preventative maintenance is required to keep the printer running, the company claims.

The printhead face is angled so it can be placed closer to the product while 350 degree rotating capability allows for more mounting options in tight or confined spaces. An optional IP66 rating and superior 316 stainless steel can provide protection in washdown environments. It also offers 30 long shelf-life inks to choose from, including green inks to meet CSR initiatives and regulatory restrictions.