Waters and BioCity inaugurate open access analytical laboratory at the BioHub, Alderley Park

Published: 15-Feb-2016

Laboratory provides access to cutting-edge analytical technologies which strengthen health sciences research

Waters Corporation, a US manufacturer of advanced analytical and material science technologies, has opened a new open access laboratory with BioCity, the UK's largest bioscience incubator company.

Located in the BioHub at Alderley Park, Cheshire, the laboratory offers Waters’ state-of-the-art liquid chromatography (LC), mass spectrometry (MS) and informatics technologies, within a suite of analytical modules for scientists working in the pharmaceutical and life science industries.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, said: 'This is more great news for Alderley Park and for life sciences in Cheshire. We are home to so many innovative and growing businesses in the sector and I was delighted to hear that BioCity Group and larger employers like Waters are helping to nurture new talent.'

The laboratory will be resourced with many of Waters’ latest technologies, including Acquity, QDa, Acquity H-Class, Acquity UPC2 and Acquity PDA Detector, along with the expertise required to leverage the power of these instrumentation platforms. The laboratory also includes a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system provided by Manchester Science Partnerships, the owners of Alderley Park.

'At Alderley Park, and indeed across the BioCity group, we are working with a growth formula that provides emerging and growing companies with access to everything they need to succeed – be it people, facilities, finance or technology,' said Glenn Crocker CEO, BioCity Group.

'The fact that our model and the work we are doing in partnership with Waters and MSP is recognised by the Chancellor is encouraging to hear. We are proud to be playing a leading role at the forefront of both the local and national economy.'

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