Yokogawa releases FieldMate for improved maintenance efficiency


Yokogawa Electric announces the release of FieldMate R3.03, a significantly enhanced version of the FieldMate device management software tool

FieldMate R3.03

FieldMate software has the versatile ability to configure, adjust and manage a wide variety of field devices used in factories and other production sites.

In addition to having a function displaying past diagnostic data, the latest version of FieldMate includes new functions that provide a more intuitive visualisation of pressure calibration data.

Powerful new interfaces are also provided for connecting to devices that rely on non-standard protocols and connecting to host networks.

Development Background

FieldMate runs on PCs and with its support of a variety of digital communication standards, FieldMate can connect to and manage many different manufacturers’ devices. This is a popular software tool and has been installed on more than 10,000 systems since 2006.

The functions added in Release 3.03 make it significantly easier to calibrate devices, facilitate the sharing of maintenance information by field personnel and allow the connection to devices using non-standard communication protocols.


  1. new functions makes it easier to calibrate differential pressure/pressure transmitters, which requires the use of the CA700 pressure calibrator from Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation
  2. enhanced visualisation of historical data needed to identify device deterioration
  3. new external interfaces

While FieldMate supports all the major communication protocols used by field devices, some plants still rely on field devices and other types of equipment using unique, non-standard communication protocols. A new external interface is now available that enables FieldMate to connect to and handle data from devices that use non-standard protocols.

FieldMate is a PC-based device configuration tool with an intuitive, user-friendly interface used to perform initial setup, routine maintenance and device replacement. It supports all major industry-standard communication protocols such as FOUNDATION Fieldbus, BRAIN and HART, and FDT/DTM open software execution framework.

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