Young scientists win Bayer's Early Excellence in Science Awards


Bayer has announced the winners of its Early Excellence in Science Awards 2009.

Bayer has announced the winners of its Early Excellence in Science Awards 2009.

Dr Juergen Groll from the DWI at the RWTH Aachen University has won the Materials category award. He has developed new types of hydrogels based on biocompatible polymers, which should facilitate a targeted drug transport and controlled release in the target tissue and could reduce the dosage and side effects of administered drugs. He is also working on biomimetic coatings and three-dimensional scaffolds with the aim of achieving better integration of implants and eventually full regeneration of body tissue.

Dr Tobias Ritter from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University in the US has taken the Chemistry prize for his detailed mechanistic investigations into fluorination reactions. His new method of integrating fluorine highly selectively in aromatic substance systems by mild and simple means is a significant advance in active ingredient research.

The Materials and Chemistry prizes, worth Euro 10,000 each, have been given by an independent scientific committee of the Bayer Science & Education Foundation. The awards aim to support talented young research scientists at an early stage of their academic career.

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"We want to promote research, and particularly young researchers, and at the same time strengthen excellence," said Dr Wolfgang Plischke, member of the board of directors of the foundation. "Research, sustainability and education play a central role for Bayer. I am delighted that with these new awards we have a further chance to support and motivate young scientists."