Yusen Logistics launches airfreight solution for AstraZeneca

Published: 15-May-2013

Stringent temperature regime maintained throughout the transportation of prescription drugs from the UK to Australia

As part of its ongoing relationship with AstraZeneca, Yusen Logistics has launched a major airfreight operation to transport prescription drugs from the UK to Australia. AZ was seeking to optimise flows of these temperature-controlled products and Yusen Logistics was able to offer a robust and cost-effective solution.

The Yusen solution involves moving the cargo by air from AZ’s UK central warehouse in Macclesfield to Sydney, maintaining a stringent temperature regime throughout the supply chain and with all movements made under high security conditions.

To maintain the temperature regime, thermal protection is applied to each individual AZ pallet. Cargo air movements are timed to arrive in Sydney at the coolest time of day. The cargo is stored under strict temperature control during transit, ensuring product integrity at all times.

AZ and Yusen have been working in close partnership since 2007, when Yusen Logistics was appointed, initially to work with AstraZeneca purely on the creation of a lean supply chain for its European road freight. All movements are managed by means of the Yusen Logistics 'Control Tower' which provides an aerial view of European and global movements, across the modes of road, sea and air.

All operational communications are routed via the Control Tower, giving AZ Macclesfield a single point of contact, providing a streamlined operational flow.

‘The relationship has matured since its inception; as we have identified new requirements, Yusen Logistics have been proactive in developing solutions that meet all our needs,’ said Julian Wann, Global Category Lead: Freight & Logistics, at AZ. ‘The decision to give Yusen Logistics this business allows us to assess the relationship in different areas and identify further potential opportunities.’

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