Yusen Logistics invests in state-of-the-art technology to offer best-in-class live tracking system

Published: 13-Nov-2018

Yusen Logistics has launched a pioneering live track and trace system, VISIONi, to provide full 4PL visibility

In-house designed and developed, VISIONi offers best in class unique capabilities for live temperature and door open security monitoring, along with GPS tracking, and autonomous pre-emptive alerts and reports.

Driven by Yusen Logistics’ core transportation management system, VISIONi offers a stringently controlled operation across 90 GDP approved hauliers as part of its Control Tower solution for the pan-European healthcare supply chain.

Real-time 24 hour monitoring minimises risk, whilst security bulletins continuously respond to evolving intelligence — providing the opportunity to alert drivers of changing crime hotspots and amend routes according to the latest sensitive or banned locations.

Live data is communicated through route status boards and pre-emptive alerts to provide accurate arrival times. Alongside this, fully automated reporting further improves process efficiencies, such as temperature tracking reports available on arrival to enable a faster stock-in process, and daily customer delivery schedules for advanced planning and allocation of resources — including purchase order information, vehicle registrations and driver names.

The full 4PL visibility that VISIONi offers provides an unrivalled quality of data, enabling a true understanding of key KPIs, from OTIF to delivery on-time and dwell time at sites.

This is together with VISIONi’s market leading capability to fully integrate with other haulier tracking systems, making it fully autonomous and independent.

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Even for single-use hauliers, an android app ensures a short-term solution so that essential information is always readily accessible.

Martin Shield, Head of IT Business Systems at Yusen Logistics, commented: “We’re excited to be leading the market with VISIONi. With all market sectors facing growing pressures, optimum supply chain visibility has never been more important."

"It means that both logistics partner and client can see potential issues as they develop whilst also offering long-term opportunities to see what we’re consistently doing well and to focus on where we can improve to ensure our customers always receive the best possible service.”

Following the implementation of VISIONi into Yusen Logistics’ pan-European healthcare solution, wherein the importance of high value active ingredient, limited shelf-lives and a growing demand for just-in-time requirements has led to high demand for total visibility, Yusen Logistics is now looking at applications for VISIONi across their other core verticals (aerospace, automotive, food, retail and technology).

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