Quintiles, HKPI and Ramco form jv in Egypt

Published: 4-Oct-2010

The companies will provide contract sales force and sales promotion outsourcing services in Egypt

Quintiles, Health Kare Pharma International (HKPI), and Ramco Import and Export have formed a a joint venture to provide specialised pharmaceutical contract sales force and sales promotion outsourcing services in Egypt.

Known as HKPI-JV, with principal offices in Cairo, the new company will help bio pharmaceutical companies commercialise therapies in Egypt by recruiting, training and placing pharmaceutical sales representatives; forming and managing outsourced sales and medical marketing teams; and product marketing and sales forecasting. HKPI-JV will begin operations in Egypt during the fourth quarter of 2010.

‘This joint venture unites solutions and expertise from three companies with proven track records of success to offer sophisticated services to customers with large portfolios and a need for our marketing expertise,’ said Hossam Kamel, managing director of HKPI. ‘The alliance brings together deep local market knowledge with global commercialization expertise, along with existing stakeholder relationships and a network of regional contacts.’

‘The JV is a new option for companies seeking improved performance through alternative sales and marketing models,’ said Makram Mehany, founder of Global Napi Pharmaceuticals, the parent company of Ramco. ‘At Napi, we have more alliances with international companies than any other biopharma organisation in Egypt. As more local biopharma companies seek outsourcing solutions for their portfolios, the joint venture provides flexibility, skilled expertise, efficient organizations, reputable partners and adherence to the highest standards of ethics.’

‘We have allied with these biopharma companies to expand our commercial service offerings into a new market that is an attractive point of entry into the region,’ said Rich Pilnik, executive vice president of Quintiles and president of Global Commercial Solutions. ‘The biopharma market in Egypt has tremendous growth potential and biopharma customers in the region now have a resource that brings the best of both local and global expertise to the table.’

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