RB Chartres installs Ci-DMS MES

Published: 15-Aug-2018

Its personal care facility now benefits from reduced cycle times and reduced risk of errors

As a direct result of the success of using the Weigh and Dispense modules of Ci-DMS MES in the Skin Care production area, the decision was made to implement Ci-DMS in the personal care facility at the RB manufacturing site in Chartres, France.

RB Chartres is a manufacturing site of cosmetic products (depilatory cream, liquid hand wash, cold wax strips etc.) and is divided in different production areas: Skin Care, Personal Care and Household.

Ci-DMS from CI Precision is the global Weigh and Dispense MES solution for RB and the Skin Care production area at RB Chartres has been using the application since 2010.

Ci-DMS was chosen to weigh and dispense raw materials to achieve better compliance while improving operational efficiency and productivity. All significant operator actions can be configured to require an electronic signature and provide full traceability of operator actions and material usage.

Aurore Larignon, Compliance Validation Coordinator, confirmed the key benefits including reduced cycle times, operator overheads (counterchecking no long required) and reduced risk of errors from manual data entry.

Ci-DMS was also chosen to control the day-to-day running of the personal care production area from the scheduling of batches to the generation of GMP batch reports and the analysis of manufacturing efficiency. It also provides configuration, security, traceability and reporting functionality.

CI Precision asked if RB Chartres would recommend the Ci-DMS MES solution and CI Precision. Aurore Larignon responded,

Yes. The software is easy to use for the operators, especially those who are not comfortable with a computer, and the CI Precision staff are very professional and efficient.”

Aurore summarised her experience working on the Ci-DMS project: “The support from CI Precision is very good. The staff always have an answer to your question and the answer is given quickly and illustrated to facilitate the comprehension.”

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