Scitara and Waters to provide robust lab connectivity and data management

Published: 8-Jan-2024

Scitara, a market-leading innovator in laboratory digital transformation, has announced an agreement with Waters Corporation, a global leader in analytical instruments and software

Under the agreement, Waters has licensed Scitara’s Digital Lab Exchange DLX cloud platform to communicate with Waters’ Empower chromatography data system and waters_connect lab informatics platform to bring greater lab connectivity to an even broader set of laboratory users.

Scitara will provide robust lab ecosystem interoperability through Scitara DLX, the first Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for science.

This agreement provides labs with integrated software and infrastructure solutions that help to streamline workflows and accelerate product development with the ultimate outcome of bringing new solutions to market faster.

This latest agreement with Waters is another key part of Scitara’s partner portfolio of more than 20 major strategic vendors in the instrumentation and informatics sectors.

Scitara is focused on building purposeful relationships that benefit the industry and drive improvements in the lab, while promoting the opportunity to exchange expertise and develop cloud-based solutions to further its goal of complete digital transformation.

Ajit Nagral (pictured), founder and CEO of Scitara, commented: "We are delighted to enable customers to gain all the benefits of a connected laboratory that facilitates enriched data-driven decision making.” 

“The Scitara DLX is a transformative technology that brings a new integration solution to users of Waters’ chromatography and mass spectrometry instruments and software.”

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