Shimadzu offers space-saving LCMS-2050 single quadrupole mass spectrometer

Published: 12-Jul-2022

Shimadzu introduces the new LCMS-2050 liquid chromatograph (LC) quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS) that features a significantly reduced size while providing high-speed and high-sensitivity analysis

Designed for effortless operation, the LCMS-2050 combines ease of use as an LC detector with excellent MS capabilities.

The system enables superior detection in a short period of time. The ionisation source combines heated electrospray (HESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation (APCI).

This combined dual ion source (DUIS) can analyse a wide range of compounds from multiple chemical classes. Ultrafast technology, including a 15,000 µs scan speed and a polarity switching time of 10 ms, maintains high data quality while improving overall throughput.

The mass detector can be incorporated as one component in an LC system. It can be integrated with Shimadzu’s Nexera series, i-Series and other existing (U)HPLC systems, as well as with the Nexera Prep fractionation system. Additional features lead to streamlined operations and greater uptime.

The System Check function injects a standard sample automatically and checks the mass accuracy, resolution, spectral intensity and instrument status. It also automatically performs a calibration that users can schedule outside of working hours.

The LCMS-2050 is approximately the same size as a standard LC component, so it can be added without needing additional space.

Because of its small size, it achieves a 43% energy savings compared with the previous model.

Utilising the LabSolutions LCMS software, LC/MS chromatograms and UV/MS spectra can be displayed in a single window, which makes it easy to review data. Mass information can also be annotated on the UV chromatogram.

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