SLI liquid flow meter measures low flow ranges

Published: 8-Aug-2012

For water-based liquids and oil, fuel and solvents

Sensirion has introduced the universal SLI Series for the measurement of liquid flow in the microlitre and millilitre range.

The device has no moving parts, adopts a patented media isolated microsensor principle, and a straight ‘see through’ flow channel guarantees reliability, the Swiss sensor manufacturer says.

The digital RS485 interface of the SLI liquid flow meters provides additional intelligence to the user. It helps reduce communication efforts by autonomously storing calibrated flow rate data in an integrated ring buffer, and by automatic integration of dosing volume over time. This allows the user to exploit fully the speed of the flow meters (response time is only 30ms) without excessive digital bus traffic.

The SLI series is for low volume dosing applications. It comes with maximum flow rates from 0.05ml/min up to 5ml/min for water-based liquids, and from 0.5ml/min up to 80ml/min for oil, fuel and solvents.

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