Surge in US demand for sterile packaging predicted

Published: 1-Jun-2003

Driving forces behind growth will be ageing populations

Demand for sterile medical packaging in the US is forecast to rise by 5.2% a year to reach a value of US$1.8bn (€57bn) in 2006, according to a new report by US-based industrial market research company Freedonia Group.

The driving forces behind the growth will be an ageing population, more rigorous infection control standards and the convenience of sterile packaging formats. The greatest opportunities will be for value-added products that offer more convenience, such as prefillable syringes and plastic bottles.

The report, Sterile Packaging, says that demand for sterile trays, and particularly high value custom surgical trays, will rise by 6% a year to around $480m (€419m), although there will be some competition from lower cost sterile pouches and bags. Infection prevention and response time advantages will boost prefillable syringe demand by an annual 5.6% to $215m (€188m).

Plastic bottles will grow at the fastest rate, due to the popularity of contact lenses and the resultant growing market for ophthalmic preparations.

Pharmaceuticals and biologicals will continue to be the leaders for sterile packaging as a result of expanding parenteral drug use based on an increasing incidence of cancer, diabetes and other diseases requiring long-term, regular use of parenterals and their containers.

Sterile Packaging Price: $3,800.

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