ten23 health releases its 'fairstainability' report

Published: 31-May-2023

In 2022, ten23 health continued the implementation of plastic recycling in the Basel laboratories and reducing plastic disposables

ten23 health has announced the publication of its fully voluntary Fairness and Sustainability (“Fairstainability”) Impact report 2022, detailing activities and data from last year, as well as recent progress against goals. 

This is in line with ten23 health’s commitment on Patients, People and Planet.

In 2022, ten23 health continued the implementation of plastic recycling in the Basel laboratories, reducing plastic disposables, and switching to biodegradable materials or to reusable equipment where possible. 

An annual evaluation of the non-recycled plastic waste was made (e.g., for hazardous waste streams when the contaminated plastics cannot be recycled) and it was decided to remove an equivalent quantity of plastics from the marine and coastal environment, in partnership with Seven Clean Seas.

Further, in 2022, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were reduced by 10.6% (in tons of CO2e by revenue) compared to 2021 through energy efficiency actions. ten23 health’s target is to continuously use 100% renewable electricity and to offset residual operational Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions through our CO2e activity portfolio, which includes certified offsets as well as the recently announced Direct Carbon Capture (DCC) in collaboration with Climeworks.

In 2022, a gender pay gap analysis was performed by an external third-party for Basel employees. The results show that there is no imbalance to the advantage of any gender. A further pay-gap analysis is being conducted in 2023, covering both Basel and Visp sites. 

In addition, ten23 obtained the Swiss LGBTI label certification in 2022 and is continuing to ensure and promote diversity in the workplace through related targets.

ten23 also rolled out its sustainable benefits, including our sustainable mobility scheme. One 2022 highlight for ten23 was the implementation of the “Klima” app in April, to measure and motivate all employees to understand and reduce their personal CO2e footprint: Since the launch of the program, the total amount of GHG emissions compensated for employees equaled 1,685 t CO2e in 2022 (from 1st April to 31st December).

ten23 health also continues to work in full alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Other specific initiatives in 2022 have included targeting Health and Wellbeing (SDG3), Gender Equality (SDG 5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8), Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12), and Climate Action (SDG 13). 

The company was recipient of the 2022 Modern Work Award in the category “Modern Work Performer”, acknowledging our ambitions and performance in embodying our purpose- and value-driven culture throughout the company.

Hanns-Christian Mahler, Chief Enablement Officer of ten23 health, commented: “At ten23 health, we work towards our purpose and aim to embrace Sustainability in all decisions and actions we take. Our commitments to patients, people and planet are driving our actions, with the aim to be a climate-positive business and leave a Heartprint - for our colleagues in ten23, as well as our partners and customers.”

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