Vitamin K2 technology wins award for NattoPharma spin-off

Published: 18-Jul-2019

Kaydence Pharma has received a start-up award at the BIO International convention

Kaydence Pharma, the pharmaceutical company that spun-off from NattoPharma in 2017, received the Start-Up Stadium Award for Therapeutics at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) annual international convention held in June in Philadelphia (PA, US).

BIO is the world's largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centres and related organisations, offering Kaydence a strong platform for its exclusive focus on developing menaquinone-7 as a pharmaceutical product for vascular and other tissue calcification-related diseases.

The Kaydence entry was based on NattoPharma’s substantial body of scientific evidence and intellectual property (IP).

According to BIO, the goal of Start-Up Stadium is to increase engagement and visibility with investors, state and regional affiliates, and early stage companies.

The 2019 event saw the most applications ever submitted (150+) across the largest geographical footprint (24 states, 13 countries), with the most judges ever involved between two rounds (60+ total), BIO reports.

“Vascular calcification is one of the most serious and life-threatening conditions worldwide, impacting millions. It was gratifying to have panel of pharma industry experts corroborate a compelling investment case for Kaydence Pharma and our important work, which is to develop novel ground-breaking therapies to help patients prevent and reverse vascular calcification with vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7,” says Daniel Rosenbaum, Kaydence Pharma CEO.

Winning companies receive a one-year membership in BIO, a one-hour advisory discussion with two venture capital firms and will be fast-tracked into the final selection phase for up to a US$75,000 convertible note as part of the Delaware Innovation Space’s First Fund programme.

“NattoPharma is thrilled to see the work we have pioneered since our inception has resulted in the ability to pursue a new drug application in this exciting new venture called Kaydence,” says NattoPharma CEO Kjetil Ramsøy.

“As the majority shareholder in Kaydence Pharma, we applaud our colleagues for impressing upon this esteemed audience the importance of their mission and indelible impact vitamin K2 as MK-7 can have on changing the face of global health.”

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