Wickham Laboratories announces upcoming webinar on Microbial Limits Testing

Published: 6-Oct-2016

Join Us for a Free Webinar on Risks, Regulations and Determining the Best Method for Your Product, 3rd November, 3PM GMT.

We welcome you to join us on 3rd November as our microbial quality control testing experts Laura Bailey and Letitia Chisenga speak on the topic of ‘Microbial Limits Testing’.

This webinar will take place at 3PM GMT and will cover:

  • Regulatory requirements for microbial limits testing
  • Method suitability
  • Pros & cons of various testing methods
  • Experience based assessment of product testing challenges

Determination of microbial quality is something which every pharmaceutical manufacturer must consider in the development life cycle and we invite you to join us for both the discussion and a brief Q&A session afterwards.

Registration is now open for this free webinar and can be accessed from the online landing page located here.

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