Xellia Pharmaceuticals signs Davos Declaration on 
combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Published: 18-Jan-2017

Joins trade associations and over 100 pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic companies to call for collective action and government support to tackle crisis

Xellia Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on providing important anti-infective treatments against serious and often life-threatening bacterial and fungal infections, has signed The Declaration by the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Diagnostics Industries on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Xellia joins international industry associations and over 100 leading pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and generic drug companies in signing the “Davos Declaration” which was first published on 21 January 2016. This joint Declaration calls for collective action against the global crisis of AMR, including increased investment and support from government.

Carl-Åke Carlsson, CEO, Xellia said: “Antimicrobial resistance is a huge global issue and an immense challenge to overcome. As a leading supplier of specialty antibiotics, such as vancomycin and colistimethate sodium (CMS) that can often be the last-line of defense against resistant microbes, we play an important role in ensuring their responsible production and stable and reliable supply."

"We also recognise that it is only by collaborating across countries and industries, and by taking action together that we can start to make a positive difference. As such, the signing of this Declaration validates our ongoing commitment to the manufacture of critical antibiotics and unites us with our peers in working towards the single goal of beating antimicrobial resistance, to protect patients worldwide.”

The Declaration calls for greater government cooperation with industry to develop alternative market structures that provide more sustainable and predictive models for antibiotics, vaccines and diagnostics.

It also highlights the need for responsible, precise use of existing and new treatments, and for revitalisation of innovative discovery and development to create the next generation of life-saving antibiotics.

In signing the Declaration, Xellia supports antimicrobial stewardship to help slow the rise in AMR and preserve the long-term effectiveness of existing antibiotics.

Xellia has a long heritage in producing anti-infectives. The Company has an extensive portfolio of key specialty anti-infectives, and is further expanding its production capabilities to help ensure a continued supply.

Xellia is also working to provide new antibacterial treatment options by improving the efficacy, safety and delivery of existing anti-infectives, and has early-stage R&D projects dedicated to the discovery and formulation of new chemical entities effective against resistant microbes, with novel modes of action.

View the Declaration here: www.ifpma.org/resource-centre/declaration-by-the-pharmaceutical-biotechnology-and-diagnostics-industries-on-combating-antimicrobial-resistance/

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