Interroll joins OMRON's Innovation Network as alliance partner

Published: 23-May-2024

The addition of Interroll allows OMRON to bolster its portfolio of automation solutions, and Interroll can gain access to a collaborative platform which facilitates knowledge sharing

Interroll, a provider of material handling solutions, has joined OMRON's Innovation Network as an alliance partner. Through this collaboration, OMRON aims to enhance its portfolio of flexible industrial automation solutions and address the diverse needs of
manufacturers in various industries.

"Interroll's expertise in providing standard topper solutions for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) will offer our customers greater flexibility and choice in optimising their material handling operations. Together, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity for our customers." said Daniel Rossek, EMEA System Integration Manager at OMRON.

One example of Interroll’s portfolio is its robust LCP AMR Top Module, a conveyor module, specifically designed for handling lightweight goods on AMRs. Built on Interroll's experience in conveyor systems, the LCP AMR Top Module integrates with OMRON's LD series of AMRs, ensuring smooth material flow and reliable operation.

Through the OMRON Innovation Network, Interroll gains access to a platform that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among like-minded organisations.

The network comprises five partner categories, each contributing specialised capabilities to support a manufacturer's specific requirements.

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