SCHOTT Pharma launches new deep-cold resistant vials for mRNA and gene therapy

By Annabel Kartal-Allen | Published: 24-Jan-2024

SCHOTT Pharma is introducing glass vials optimised for deep-cold storage of drugs which can be used to treat infectious diseases, cancer and central nervous system disorders.

In 2023, there were for 11 mRNA drugs and 10 gene therapy drugs commercially available, which required deep-cold storage, with over 100 mRNA and 45 gene therapy drugs in clinical trials (Source: GlobalData). Pharma companies are therefore looking for an experienced partner in terms of drug containment and delivery systems, who can provide the right solution to help shorten the time to market. 

On top, drug manufacturers want to ensure that the drug remains stable until it reaches the patient. For this, the container closure integrity (CCI) is crucial. However, it, too, is at risk in deep-cold temperatures because the stoppers can shrink and lose elasticity, which could affect the drug’s efficacy. Through vigorous scientific testing with eight variants, SCHOTT Pharma found a 0% failure rate for all configurations, showing that CCI can be maintained for all combinations within ISO dimensions, including EVERIC freeze vials.

The new vials are manufactured in Müllheim, Germany, which is also where SCHOTT Pharma’s competence center is located, can be supplied as ready-to-use (RTU) if requested and are available in 2 – 30 mL. The solution is the newest member of the established EVERIC portfolio, which allows pharma companies to flexibly combine features to address different needs and enhance efficiency.


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