Ubiquigent enters agreement with Astellas subsidiary, Nanna Therapeutics

Published: 11-Mar-2024

Agreement leverages Ubiquigent’s DUB-focused drug discovery platform to support the development of novel therapeutic candidates for multiple disease targets selected by Nanna Therapeutics

Ubiquigent Limited, a drug discovery and development company, has today announced an agreement with Nanna Therapeutics.  

Under its terms, Ubiquigent will provide Nanna with access to its deubiquitylase (DUB) focused drug discovery platform to support the development of novel therapeutics for human disease targets selected by Nanna.

The company are harnessing novel deubiquitinase (DUB) modulators as new therapeutics for areas of high unmet medical need. Their role is to regulate ubiquitination in the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS).

Dysregulation of DUB activity is implicated in many human diseases, highlighting their importance and promise for the development of novel therapeutics.

Ubiquigent can facilitate drug discovery programmes with its technologies in the fields of protein degradation, stabilisation and cellular signalling.  

The company has an established specialised drug discovery platform and long-standing expertise in the exploitation of the DUBs for therapeutic benefit. 

The platform can be applied to support the development of DUB inhibitors, DUB-targeting PROTACs, and DUBTACs across any therapeutic area.

Jason Mundin, CEO of Ubiquigent, commented: Our platform was established to support those seeking to modulate DUB activity for therapeutic benefit, and we are glad to enter this latest agreement with Nanna Therapeutics and assist their work.”


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