A strong signal in turbulent times: Vetter achieves carbon dioxide-neutral levels

Published: 30-Jul-2020

Contract development and manufacturer further expands its commitment to climate protection

Environmentally focused movements such as Fridays for Future are dedicated to increasing public awareness of climate protection. Vetter, a globally leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), is equally committed to protecting the environment and has been focused on the issue of climate change as part of its corporate agenda for many years. In 2020, the pharmaceutical service provider reached another milestone when all its European company sites became carbon dioxide neutral. The goal was made possible thanks to a long-term sustainability strategy involving appropriate action packages. Vetter has continuously invested in energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology such as its own cogeneration units as well as solar panels and geothermal energy resulting in savings of over 4,500 tons of carbon dioxide. Since 2014, all European sites have been operating using green power from hydroelectric plants.

Any inevitable residual emissions are offset as Vetter supports climate protection projects through the purchase of carbon credits.

"As a sustainable, family-owned company we have taken our responsibility towards the environment and the issue of climate protection seriously for many years and take concrete actions to support this cause. Wherever feasible, we implement the most environmentally friendly solutions," said Managing Director Thomas Otto. The pharmaceutical industry by its very nature involves high standards and numerous regulatory requirements which are necessary to create aseptic manufacturing conditions. Vetter’s Senior Vice President for Technical Service/Internal Project Management, Henryk Badack, describes the company approach. “It is these very conditions which ultimately enable us to manufacture effective drugs for patients worldwide. However, these same high standards also make it impossible to entirely avoid residual emissions. That is why it is of even greater importance that we compensate for them in a sensible way." Carbon dioxide compensation is one approach, i.e., the emissions of greenhouse gases are offset by financing climate protection activities.

"We will continue to work on keeping our company's ecological footprint as small as possible," said Managing Director Peter Soelkner. "As a company with a long-term focus, we consider this an important part of our social responsibility efforts not just for today, but for generations to come.” In addition to reducing greenhouse gases, the company is also focusing on environmentally friendly cooperation. For example, Vetter integrates its suppliers in ecological matters in order to promote the use of energy- efficient technologies. Beyond its core business, the pharmaceutical service provider makes an important contribution to improving the quality of life through these sustainability activities.

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