Abcam offers bioactive proteins for drug discovery

Published: 4-Nov-2020

Sourcing high-quality proteins with batch-to-batch consistency can be a challenge, as endotoxin levels and/or non-native protein conformations and post-translational modifications can affect safety and performance

Abcam’s bioactive proteins are growth factors and cytokines manufactured and designed to meet the specific needs of cell culture, including cell and gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

Abcam’s proteins are manufactured in mammalian cell lines under animal-free conditions limiting endotoxins to levels of < 5 EU/mg. The use of mammalian cell lines produces proteins with the desired conformation and correct post-translational modifications for optimal bioactivity, the company says. They resemble the proteins’ native state, said to improve safety and consistency outcome during drug discovery, development and manufacturing.

Each batch is validated for quality regarding integrity, purity, concentration, mono-dispersity and correct folding.

The company can also design, manufacture and validate proteins to custom needs and specifications. As a supplier of proteins for a broad range of applications, it also provides a comprehensive range of bioactive and research-grade proteins that enable additional cost-effective quality solutions. Its bioactive proteins are also carrier-free, tag-free, and manufactured under ISO9001.

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