ACHEMA: Fette offers containment package for FE55 rotary tablet press

Published: 23-Jun-2015

In addition to TRI.EASY Case System, which consists of three different case types for punches, dies and segments

Fette Compacting, a German provider of integrated solutions for tablet production, presented new machines for efficient tablet production under the motto 'Upgrade Your Efficiency' at ACHEMA.

A highlight was an optional containment package that will enable users to equip standard machines in future to meet the requirements of OEB Level 3.

The first model for which the package will be available is the FE55 rotary tablet press. Users can already manufacture over 90% of all products with the FE55 as standard. From now on, this also applies to all toxic or potent active ingredients up to a dust exposure of 10 to 100μg/m3.

For this purpose, Fette Compacting offers the FE55 with the option of containment components such as RTP access points and gloveports, as well as simple parameter control via the machine terminal. This option will be available for all the models in the FE Series from the coming year.

The containment package in detail includes a flap valve for safe product feed; hermetically sealed and lockable window flaps; RTP access points for the removal of components or tablet samples; dustproof tablet discharge chute; HEPA filter H13; hand suction tube for precleaning; and an interface for the OEB3 deduster and IPC unit.

Fette Compacting also introduced the patent-pending TRI.EASY Case System, which consists of three different case types for punches, dies and segments. They ensure that these tools are not only stored and transported safely, but also cleaned without risk of damage. Punches and dies are stored in special trays, which can be directly placed in an ultrasonic bath. The tools no longer have to be inserted into separate tableting punch holders for cleaning. In addition, because the cases have a maximum weight of 15kg including tools, they are easy to handle.

The TRI.EASY Case System will be available for all Fette Compacting punches, dies and segments in the first quarter of 2016.

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