Visit Fette at Achema

Published: 5-Jun-2018

The company will focus on user protection, environmentally-friendly processes and the prevention of cross contamination

As the pharmaceutical industry processes increasingly highly-active and toxic substances, ever higher demands are made on efficient containment.

Fette Compacting specialises in high-performance machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

Its range of products and services comprises tablet presses and capsule filling machines, tools and processing equipment, as well as maintenance, training and consultation services.

In the form of its Containment Guard, Fette have developed the first quality certificate which establishes the retention efficiency of containment tableting plants even before the conclusive risk test conducted by the operator.

The Containment Guard level is derived from the results of the standardised measurement procedure which documents the efficiency of a plant and enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to reliably compare the solutions offered by various suppliers.

Learn more at ACHEMA 2018 - hall 3, booth F3

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